In my spastic attempts to re-enter the working world, I have committed several missteps that would be funny if they weren’t devastatingly stupid. Let’s share war stories. Here’s the first in my list of Top Things Not To Do.

Save Your Best Outfit for Your Follow-Up Interview-Ok, this one is “girlie”, I know. But it applies to many aspects of the process. Sometimes your best (and only) shot might be right off the bat. Mine seems to have been. An “informational” interview set up with a top PR VP was offered to me last year. I was beyond excited as I bought the fabulous suit for the interview process that was sure to follow. But what to wear to the “informational”? I cringe looking back at the khaki dress pulled out while the power suit was “saved” for the full day interviews surely to follow. I got so ahead of myself, I forgot to focus on the here and now. A mistake that also applied to the resume that was still a bit weak and the shared confidences of bits of insecurity with the VP after we hit it off so well.

Let’s just say the “follow-up” Silence was not so Golden!   

How many times have I told me kids, “You only have one chance to make a first impression”. There is no such thing as “informational”. Go for it at every opportunity.

I unfortunately have a few more to share with you in the coming days. How about you? Any good ones?



Like a chapter right out of The Feminine Mistake, my story is both surprising and ridiculously typical. First scene starts with wide eyed 80s girl in grey pin striped suit and floppy silk bow tie (remember those?) working her way through executive training program by day and living the high life at night. It all comes so easily as the organization pulls me through the ranks, thrilled to have an up and comer with nylons on. Even the birth of my first baby did not slow this train down, as the accommodating bosses offer up an amazing part time executive work week for me. It all should have been “cake and eat it too”, right?

Oh, but its BORING! And there seems more money than ever needed with two preppy dress-for-success incomes.  Oh, did I mention it was boring? I could hop off this train and get on at another stop down the road that I might find more fulfilling. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.  There is no way I will lose my sense of worth, since I have been competing elbow-to-elbow (not to mention shoulder pad-to-shoulder pad) with the boys. I have decades to get this all figured out.

Worse case, these guys won’t forget me, right? Familiar tale, anyone…….