Up until six months ago I lived in a box. Metaphysical to be sure, but a box nonetheless. My box kept my frame of reference focused on about a ten year span of my current life. 

Several months ago, I, like many of you, was pulled onto Facebook. While still not a huge fan, it has blown out  the back of that box and renewed amazing old friendships. While infrequent reunion trips back to college would loosen up those memories, they would safely return to their stored spots as soon as I pulled into my driveway. Facebook has a way of  merging bits of my past into my day-to-day present. A bit spooky at times, but cool…..

Then a few weeks ago, I bravely toddled over to Twitter to see what that was all about. Let me tell you, it can be a mind blowing experience. Within a few days my universe had expanded beyond my initial obsession following Demi/Ashton or Michelle O’s outfits into reaching out to new, wildly varying “friends”. Connections made with writers I had been following for years as well as fellow bloggers have seemed to open up an exciting future. 

So, between the Facebook past and my Twitter future I find myself sliding seemlessly from rewind to fast forward as easily as TiVo moves my favorite recorded shows. My new friend at Adventures In Ecommerce refers to this at the Fourth Dimension. Instead of feeling the weight of all of this, I feel weightless as if floating in space. A Twilight Zone that is truly freeing, as if that old box can’t contain me and my dreams as easily as it once could. To infinity and beyond……

Anyone else?



So, many of us 40 somethings have spent the past several years ripping Facebook and its time stealing, obsession inspiring elements, right? Our children were zombie slaves to it, stalking the web in search of the latest beer bong pictures of their friends. How many debates have we had on the pros and cons of “sneaking” onto your child’s Facebook to see what is REALLY going on.

Like so many things with our generation, we have made it our own. We are all pretending we didn’t really want to join, but were “friended” so often, we just did it to be polite. But right there on our walls is the proof-the logged time spent engaging in Mafia Wars and being Geo Challenged, multiple links with friends from a long ago uncomplicated life, and hours spent trying to put the fricking profile picture up!

Confession of the newly zombied-I felt that funk that I have watched my kids experience the other weekend when a “friend’s” status showed a gathering I was not included in! Please…..its come to this?

Upside, I am sure we have scared our children off of their beloved space.

So, are anyone else’s kids having the last laugh on the Facebook topic like mine??