Did you always think there would be a magical answer to “When I grow up, I will be…?” I am quite sure I had many plans. I just seem to have misplaced them. I sometimes feel like Alice dropped down that Rabbit Hole trying to get my bearings.
  And now, shockingly, there is a number looming ahead that is looking more like 49 every week. Surely this must mean I have “grown up”. But what will I be? Is there still time to “be”? For so many years, time has been frenetically racing as I hold on for dear life. Now I sense the oddest gaping pause in the race-is this my last chance to “be”?
  I have slipped easily into many of life’s labels: driven oldest child, smart girl, the sorority girl, yuppie banker, wife of high school sweetheart, stay-at-home mom, fundraiser. 
  For the first time, life does not seem as welcoming as I quest to add a new label: PR Diva. Is it my age or am I losing my mojo? So instead of waiting for the world to catch up, I will race toward this next chapter in answering the ongoing question “what will I be when I grow up”!



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