Facebook + Twitter = Infinity

April 6, 2009

Up until six months ago I lived in a box. Metaphysical to be sure, but a box nonetheless. My box kept my frame of reference focused on about a ten year span of my current life. 

Several months ago, I, like many of you, was pulled onto Facebook. While still not a huge fan, it has blown out  the back of that box and renewed amazing old friendships. While infrequent reunion trips back to college would loosen up those memories, they would safely return to their stored spots as soon as I pulled into my driveway. Facebook has a way of  merging bits of my past into my day-to-day present. A bit spooky at times, but cool…..

Then a few weeks ago, I bravely toddled over to Twitter to see what that was all about. Let me tell you, it can be a mind blowing experience. Within a few days my universe had expanded beyond my initial obsession following Demi/Ashton or Michelle O’s outfits into reaching out to new, wildly varying “friends”. Connections made with writers I had been following for years as well as fellow bloggers have seemed to open up an exciting future. 

So, between the Facebook past and my Twitter future I find myself sliding seemlessly from rewind to fast forward as easily as TiVo moves my favorite recorded shows. My new friend at Adventures In Ecommerce refers to this at the Fourth Dimension. Instead of feeling the weight of all of this, I feel weightless as if floating in space. A Twilight Zone that is truly freeing, as if that old box can’t contain me and my dreams as easily as it once could. To infinity and beyond……

Anyone else?



15 Responses to “Facebook + Twitter = Infinity”

  1. roncorbin Says:

    I find myself going to twitter on occasion and facebook rarely. I liked it at first, then came the app invites, 50 a day. Guess my goals on FB are different than others. My time is precious, so I rarely have time to play games. If I do, its online with my Xbox. Wishing that I could harness the social marketing value of Facebook, but am still clueless.

    nice post

    • IGrewUp Says:

      Ron, I totally agree about Facebook. Interesting, but something a bit creepy to me about lurking around with people I really don’t know so well. However, those one or two re-connections with REAL friends have been very meaningful. It’s the forward focused connections through blogging and Twitter that have somehow captivated me.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. ggw_bach Says:

    what you speak of is digital freedom. Freedom from the physical restraints of reality … and entering a world of ideas and connections. That’s what I get out of twitter and blogging (not much of a facebooker).

    it is wondrous indeed … like stepping out of the box as you say 🙂

  3. I’ve started, stopped and am about to start again on Twitter. I guess it can make you wildly successful but I still don’t get it. You can spend hours and hours pursuing these various social media venues and I’m not sure of the ROI. But, hey, there’s always lots to learn and, if this old boomer-aged brain can take it in, I might as will give it a try! Great post!

    • IGrewUp Says:

      Here’s what I have picked up so far on Twitter. I use Tweetdeck to organize, because it makes it easier to view. I only follow a few people-new “friends” that I have met through blogging that I am sharing with and a few famous types that I have always been fascinated by. I get random notices that other people are following me and I chose not to follow back as I am not really trying to “fill my dance card!”
      Always great to share with you!

  4. Twitter has skyrocketed me to cyberspace Heaven! I have connected with some wonderful folks there–although I am picky about who I choose to follow because just like in life—there are scams there as well.

    I hope we’ll connect because any friend of Eileen’s is a friend of mine: http://www.twitter.com/babyboomerbev

    • sorry…just noticed the URL was incorrect. It should be: http://www.twitter.com/babyboomerbev. And yes, I’m a writer too. Spent more than 25 years in radio and television news.

      • IGrewUp Says:

        Good Morning Beverly! Great to meet you. I find I must be “picky” since my attention span is a bit challenged in trying to follow too many. Also don’t like getting too cluttered up. Agree about Eileen-she is a great connector!
        PS Fixed your URL on original post.

  5. Tamryn,
    How nice to “meet” you through a comment on my blog. Your writing is delicious. I can feel your process through your story.
    I jumped into twitter and FB with a youngsters enthusiasm and not much else but have managed to find a way to enjoy it and not get sucked in and hopefully find my tribe.
    If you are up for another follower I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

    • IGrewUp Says:

      “Delicious”-What a great compliment! I feel the same about jumping in with that rejuvenating enthusiasm-its not the Twitter per se. It’s simply trying something totally new with abandon. I find it has spilled over to other aspects of my life giving me fresh legs and renewed confidence. Will look for you in the Twitter world….

  6. I am on FB daily. It’s become almost an addiction, and a time-sucking one at that. All the old friends, all the silly quizzes and applications…I love it! Twitter is really fast paced but I have met some great people on there so I’m sticking with it. I’ve tried using it with TweetDeck but that’s even more overwhelming to me.

  7. There are friends I’ve made online, different, sure, than face-to-face friends, but friends nonetheless, that I look for and appreciate hearing from.

    It’s just another level of joy, isn’t it? And, heaven knows, we can use all the joy we can get (and give!).


  8. IGrewUp Says:

    I agree 100%-these new connections are such an enhancement to my life. They have encouraged me to push myself outside my comfort zone, which is such an exhilarating sensation! I remember a dear PR professor of mine at MediaBistro suggesting I try a blog……. Seemed impossible at the time, and now look where I am! “Virtual” support is amazing……..

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