I should make some money at this!

April 2, 2009

No, no, it’s not that I think I am a great blogger. Nor a juicy target for advertisers or bigger gobbling blogs to devour me for millions. It all goes back to Cloris Leachman.

For those of you who have not been with me since the beginning, an “early” post discussed the age gap I was struck with when Cloris Leachman’s name came up (before her Dancing With the Network Stars entry.) Basically, the younger girls did not even know who Mary Tyler Moore’s neighbor was-if this applies to you, please stop reading!

Anywho, I cleverly went to Google Image and posted a favorite picture of Mary, Phyllis and Rhoda at the end of the blog. Click “Publish” and that was it. Two comments and several weeks later it was forgotten.

Then, as any new blogger does several times a day, I was on my WordPress Dashboard hoping to see a few more visitors to my site, when the strangest sight caught my eye. The graph showing daily visitors had jumped so high, it would have meant cardiac arrest on a heart attack victim’s monitor. 

What was up? Had I been discovered? I could see it was coming from Google Image and sometimes had Cloris’ name attached to the search. Did she die? (Sorry Cloris!) It took my brother-in-law over at Without A Net to tell me she has just published a tell-all book. 

And now my heroine Mary Tyler Moore is making the rounds spiking the searches even more. So, here I sit, the girl formerly happy with 50 visits a day. Last few days-1,479 and 902!

So, all you blog gurus, is there something I should do about this to take advantage? I am sure they are just clicking through my site, but it is an interesting bait that I had not thought about before. I guess I should specialize in Cloris gossip dirt and 1,479 might hang around with me for a while!

So whose photo should I insert next? How about The Material Girl?



10 Responses to “I should make some money at this!”

  1. ohhrika Says:

    Here is hoping that the 1000+ keep coming for you. Right now I’m just aiming for 1!

  2. IGrewUp Says:

    Well I am only a month into this and have found some great people to interact with. I am sure the same is or will be true for you. Thanks for stopping by!
    PS Don’t really want the 1,000 drive bys, but a loyal 100 is most excellent.

  3. ohhrika Says:

    Understand wanting the loyalty.
    Right now I’m working on getting out there and meeting people, so hopefully I will find some great people out here.
    Again good luck.

  4. Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program might be an option. Feature the relevant books. I don’t know if you can with a WordPress.com hosted blog. I believe it would need to be self-hosted.

    The only thing that I would be concerned about would be rights to use the photographs.

    My husband was just talking about Mary Tyler Moore yesterday regarding alcoholism. It must have been in AOL news.

    If nothing else, promote the hell out of yourself in the sidebar.

    Since you’re a MTM “expert” write some more articles and contact blogs with book reviews or Cloris and MTM fan sites, or their own blogs letting them know you’ve written some relevant articles they might be interested in. Maybe you can even get an interview so there’s really substantial content waiting for visitors. If they have new books out or are in the news, who knows a phone or email interview may be worth a shot.

  5. IGrewUp Says:

    ALL very excellent ideas, which I would expect from Ms. ECommerce! Thank goodness it appears all might be quiet on the Western Front as views are now back to “normal” levels. It was too much pressure to think I should be taking advantage of this position!
    Although maybe Madonna’s adoption woes might spike interest in new photo!
    Have you considered self-hosting? Wondering how much more effort is required!
    Thanks for posting……

  6. Recently I have been. I want a lot of the plugins that you can’t use unless you self-host. One of my former bosses was VP of IT and he has a self-hosted WordPress blog. Big reason being that with the WordPress.com hosted blog, you are very limited regarding plugins, you can’t access the template (although you can create your own css file) and you can’t add any javascript. At first I was thinking, oh but going through WordPress.com is so much easier, now I’m thinking it may be worth it.

    It is supposed to be a very simple installation. All the information is at Worpress.org. It may be worth it for experience sake (esp for me).

    • IGrewUp Says:

      Will look forward to following you if you journey to self-host. I have gone so far as to read the WP.org basic info but no further.

  7. Dana Says:

    Hi Tamryn,

    I did come by to see your Web site and I really like what I see. It is speaking to me in a lot of ways, one thing in particular was very inspirational to me today, exactly what I was needing to hear. I will be back here… often…

    Question for you, is it possible you attended B.U.?


  8. It’s amazing the way stats can bounce around. You’ve got me thinking–I’d better start adding images and hoping Feisty Side of Fifty hits the stratosphere like you! Congrats on batting a thousand plus and, yes, I think the material girl is a great choice!

  9. IGrewUp Says:

    Although if my theory were correct, Madonna’s rejection in Malawi should have spiked my numbers again, right? Maybe I did not select the most iconic/searched photo. EC had an excellent point above about right to photos, etc, which I know nothing about.
    I guess the main lesson is that today I am back to “normal” on my stats. In other words all that passing through was literally that. I don’t know if my site had really been about Old Cloris if they would have stuck around or not.
    I’m happy to be writing for “my people” again! Who needs those fair weathered searchers anyways?

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