Put Up or Shut Up!

March 25, 2009

Yes, Big Interview Day has come and gone. It went really well, I think…… Many pleasantries back and forth, shared sensibilities about the challenges at hand. Inserted all the alluring lingo I could manage into one hour-PowerPoint, Blogging, my Client Base, TweetDeck. Much nodding about collaborative opportunities that we must explore. 

And then, she says, “There is a ‘test’ to pass.” I am still nodding and smiling, but processing……. A test?!

Initial reactions in no particular order: Sure, I will do anything. What did she just say? What did I agree to do for free? I have to do what I said I can do? 

I think I was smiling while all of the above raced through my brain.

So, they request that I prepare a sample PowerPoint (one of the communication devices I “specialize”in) to pitch a new campaign they are working on. Just  an “opportunity to see if we are on the same page”. Really, it does make sense. An outside consultant would probably provide something similar to get the business and this “relationship” we are working on is consulting-like.  

And isn’t this what many of us have been waiting for-a stop to endless pre-screening applications and blab, blab, hypothetical blab during hard to earn interviews? Just a chance to do our stuff and make a difference. 

So off I go to focus and pound away. And probably spend a few too many minutes thinking about what I should wear…..




9 Responses to “Put Up or Shut Up!”

  1. Elyse Says:

    Great post!

    I felt a smile and a sigh on your behalf. It’s such a welcome change when a company or organization gives the opportunity to tangibly demonstrate your skills. But, as you observed, it can be initially daunting all the same.

    Holding a good thought for you ….

  2. IGrewUp Says:

    Thanks Elyse-It takes a village to get to this point and beyond!

  3. Oh, there is nothing more stressful than a practical exam (as if a paper one was not bad enough!). Next week, I start my practical at school (I’m a culinary school student) and the stress … so high only a tub of chocolate will help!


  4. IGrewUp Says:

    Chocolate-great tip…..
    Perhaps turning off the Twitter would help my scattered focus a bit-feeling like a 13 year old at this point!
    Best of luck to you next week as well……

  5. southernblogette Says:

    Qow, best of luck!

  6. PaigeAnn Says:

    Good luck!!!

  7. […] 2009 How strange is it that I couldn’t wait to come tell all of “you” how my “Put Up or Shut Up” went??? Is it wonderful, since my world is so blogishly expanded now or I am a 12 year old girl […]

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