Stop Shaking and Just Press It-“Submit to Job”

March 5, 2009

So now its true confession time. People ask, “How’s that job search going?” and I would love to have a reply of the many actual interviews I have taken and offers I am considering. Do I really admit I have hardly left my computer screen?

I have to say I don’t feel as crazy since I started sharing post-40 job search struggles with friends in the same boat. You would think the Internet search engines of, and would make this whole process a breeze. But instead they have created!

Talk about overthinking-I have debated my entire  year’s vacation plans, wardrobe options and possible train schedules over a new job posting. I have written and rewritten cover letters to someone I will never meet. I have creatively filled the dreaded resume “gap” with action sounding entries to avoid the obvious-I spent a few decades holding puke buckets and playing amateur shrink to my household. 

But here’s the truth, hours later that “Submit” button finally gets pushed by my sweaty finger and then-NOTHING. Where is the graveyard of overwrought  submissions?



16 Responses to “Stop Shaking and Just Press It-“Submit to Job””

  1. southernblogette Says:

    amen! I agree! although I may not be post 40, I can certainly relate with the job struggles.

    let’s hope this thing turns around sometime soon!

  2. IGrewUp Says:

    Yes, Southern, not the best time for any of us to be searching! What I have learned is putting all my eggs in the Internet search basket is not going to do the trick… Best to you!

  3. Personally, I think of it as the black hole of online job applications. I think Twitter is a better way to spend my time. At least one of my followers might read something.

    Surprisingly enough, I’ve had a few legitimate calls, mostly recruiters, and a lot of scammy emails from posted resumes on the job sites and LinkedIn, but EXTREMELY little response to anything I actually applied for.

    And um, why do they have paid services to BLAST your resume? All that does is spam it up for people who actually want the job.

    I have definitely decided I need a new plan. Cuz the job sites, not working.

    • IGrewUp Says:

      Ecommerce-Agreed! Liked your Mashable’s Top 10 list as well as Showcase Resume Format-will investigate further. I do know several people getting random hits on LinkedIn. As you said, its better than the Black Hole!

  4. sweet caroline Says:

    You should be able to put 20 years of rookie psychiatry and pharmaceutical experience on your resume…says something about personal skills.

  5. leapdontlook Says:

    wow – reading your blog is deja vu. Now I won’t feel guilty when I’m too lazy to post – I’ll just send people your way.

  6. Bear Says:

    As I mention in my post on this subject (, job seekers simply need to stop using the boards and applying at company web sites. Subscriptions to these boards (and maintaining the internal boards) are very expensive (I know this from owning my own agency and haggling with CareerBuilder & Monster over the insane prices). If companies no longer see a return on investment, perhaps they will begin to (finally) respond to job applicants.

    In a future post, I plan to show readers how to find names and contact info for these folks.
    Have a good day, all!

  7. Bear Says:

    HA! It can be accomplished in one step!! Time for the revolution to begin!

  8. Bear Says:

    yes, time to take names and leave no prisoners.

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