Start at the beginning

March 1, 2009

So maybe I need to start at the beginning. Born in 1960, I am the product of parents whose cultural world was akin to Alice In Wonderland down that rabbit hole. Married at the beginning of the Eisenhower 60s, one hop later and they were in the midst of the Harvey Wallbanger 70s. Oh, those nights peeking through the banister watching the slow mo revelry as they danced interchangeably to Holly Holy and Hang on Sloopy. The obligatory Ice Storm, EST, I’m OK, Your OK 70s divorce followed. Ditsy blond mother goes back-to-school to become clear eyed, academic phenom with a hard earned career blooming in her mid 30s. 

So what to learn as a daughter of this life? Logically, take care of yourself-you might be in charge, right? Curiously, I now see, WRONG!

Instead I now see my life as a quixotic quest for a do-over-the way it “should” have been. Not toiling in the hard years of “women’s lib” , I took those lifted barriers for granted. No urgency to find that passionate career pursuit. A few years with stellar success in the corporate world lulled me into complacency. How about a little detour for that “do-over” family life? It’ll all be there, right?

Fast forward 20 years-and bam! 

Anyone else lose track of a few decades?



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